05 Nov 2009
Melchizedek King of Salem (Peace; Old Jerusalem). A high priest of the Almighty God. Had no mother; had no father.  Had no beginning and no end. Came out to meet Abraham in his victory. Brought bread and wine. (a table prepared before his enemies). Gave him a blessing. (Abraham refused the gifts of the King of Sodom). Praised God who brought victory. Was given a tenth of all the spoils. 

Christ, Prince of Peace (Salem; New Jerusalem). Our High Priest from God. His mother – Mary; His Father – God. Is the Beginning and the End: Alpha & Omega. Came out to meet us for our victory. Brought His Body and His Blood (Bread and Wine of communion- a table prepared before our enemies). Gave us a Blessing. (Refused the offers of Satan) Glorified God in victory.

What do we give to Him?

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Forgive us As We Forgive
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Priest Forever
The Whole Armor of God
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