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How to use these pages:

There are two columns in the table below. The first provides you with links to various family "trees." You can navigate these pages in order to see where the various family memebers fit into the family lines.

The second column provides you with links to the various family pages where you can enter with a password. Once you enter, you can see interesting information about each family, news that may have been updated, etc. Once you enter you can also navigate through the various families as well.

I hope you find these pages useful for your research and/or interest.

Family Trees
Family Pages
Balentine, Robert
Chedester, Frankie Teague
Cole, Elizabeth Kathryn
Dotson, Hanna
Eppler, Wiley Clark
Smith, Joseph James
Smith, Mary Esther
Wacaster, Thomas Sr.
Smith, Annie Ruth
Smith, Reba Singleton Sr.
Wacaster, Robert Troy Sr.
Wacaster, Bob and Mary