"God, The World and You"

by Mary Esther Smith Wacaster

Second Edition
Copyright © 2013
Author: Mary Esther Smith Wacaster
First Edition
Copyright ©1990
R.T. Wacaster & Associates
Publisher and Editor



To the Honor and Glory of the Lord Jehovah

My strength and my Redeemer



Over many, many years, many men had been inspired to write down God's word, and they all have written without any differences, if we care enough to search through what has been said in order to see how they are alike and how the whole story fits together, putting it together in a spiritual application.

Although there are many "stories" we love to tell and retell, this is not a book to be considered as we would look at a novel. This is a book concerned with the God-Son called Jesus that was made finite for a time, walking among us to experience man-likeness, being tempted as a human, yet He did not sin. He existed in the form of God yet emptied Himself, and took on the form of a servant, being made in the likeness of men, humbled Himself, and was obedient as a servant under the Old Covenant to fulfill the Law's requirements. He became the perfect Lamb of sacrifice to atone for sin in order that we could have the opportunity to return to God and be with Him in eternity. By God's grace we have been redeemed to be set free from the burden of the rituals and ordinances of the Law. He was raised from the grave, glorified and exalted by God the Father, and now sits on the right hand of God's throne where He will rule until time to turn control back to the Father.

We are to serve God while here on earth, but we can experience God-likeness through Jesus Christ, by becoming "like Christ" in our personality. It behooves us to take His yoke upon us in obedience to His commands and walk circumspectly throughout our lives in accordance with God's will.

Table Of Contents

God's Word - The Bible
In The Beginning
The Garden
God Reaches Out
Two Sons
And Man Multiplied
The Flood
The Rainbow
The Faith of Abraham
A Covenant Promise Fulfilled
Analogies: Sons and the Covenant
The Ultimate Test of Faith
To Make A Nation
A Prophet Raised Up
Intertestamental History
Fullness Of Time